Number Of Vehicles In Your Fleet:
12 Vehicles
Avg. Gallons Of Diesel/Gasoline Used Per Year Per Vehicle:
5000 Gallons Per Year
Price Of Diesel/Gasoline Per Gallon:
2.23 Per Gallon
Price Of CNG Per Gasoline Gallon Equivalent (GGE):
2.09 Per Gallon
Incremental Cost Per CNG Vehicle vs Diesel/Gasoline Vehicle:
0 Incremental Cost Per Vehicle
Other Incremental Costs:
0 Other Incremental Cost

Consider Your CNG Fuel Cost Savings Results

Fuel Source CNG DIESEL / GAS
Cost Per Gallon 000 000
Gallon Equivalent Used 000 000
Total Annual Fuel Cost 000 000
By switching to CNG, you could save
per year!
You'll receive incremental cost payback for your vehicle investments and other expenses in:

3.8 Years!