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It’s time to start planning for your fleet’s future. When you compare the advantages of natural gas over diesel or gasoline, you’ll see why compressed natural gas conversion makes sense for your fleet.

You need a partner that helps you make your alternative fuel transition. Along the way, you’re bound to have questions. Turn to South Jersey Gas as your expert resource and partner.

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South Jersey Gas, 1 South Jersey Plaza ,Folsom, NJ 08037 South Jersey Gas, 1 South Jersey PlazaFolsom, NJ 08037

844-851-7205 Pete Morano: 844-851-7205

Transition with Expert Guidance

As you move through the conversion process, you need a reliable resource for questions that come up along the way, such as where to find natural gas stations or how to maximize your ROI. Rely on our Conversion Agents for dedicated customer service.

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Follow a Full Fleet Conversion Plan

You must think through many details when making the transition to natural gas. Our Conversion GPS aids in a smooth transition, starting with an evaluation of your fleet. We help you source vehicles and locate stations while providing information about building a station on your property.

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Test Drive your ROI Before You Switch

Before you make an investment in your fleet’s future, ensure it will pay off. Instead of taking our word for it, contact us for an ROI analysis to determine whether converting to natural gas is right for your fleet.


Let Data Drive Your Fuel Conversion