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With modern-day concerns about the health of our environment and emissions regulations growing ever-stricter, you may be focused on finding a clean energy solution for your fleet and contributing to a more sustainable future. At South Jersey Gas, we’re committed to protecting the environment. That’s why we promote natural gas as an alternative fuel for vehicles that’s safer for our ecosystem.

h3>Environmental Benefits Of Natural Gas

CNG is the cleanest burning transportation fuel on the market today. CNG burns cleaner than petroleum-based products due to its lower carbon content. Producing the fewest emissions of all other fuels, CNG contains significantly less pollutants than gasoline.

In fact, the cleanest heavy-duty truck engine in the world is powered by natural gas and is:

90%25 Pie Chart
cleaner than the EPA’s current NOx standard
90%25 Pie Chart
cleaner than the latest available diesel engine

By converting to CNG fuel, you reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter released into the atmosphere.

Although it’s unlikely that CNG will escape your truck’s sealed system, natural gas disperses quickly into the atmosphere when released, eliminating the risks to the environment associated with oil spills. CNG gives off little to no emissions during refueling.

Plus, natural gas is non-toxic and non-poisonous, so you’re able to protect your surrounding ecosystem even in the event of a leak.

If you’re preparing to build a more environmentally sustainable business model with natural gas, you probably have questions about natural gas safety, your budget and the conversion process. Turn to South Jersey Gas for answers. Learn more about natural gas and its role as an alternative fuel for your fleet.

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