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When you’re searching for ways to save on long-term fueling costs, switching to natural gas is a smart strategy. However, you may still have questions about the basics of how to transition your fleet, filling up your vehicles and other important details.

Understanding how natural gas conversion, fueling stations and vehicles work helps you make informed decisions for the future of your fleet. The following information gives you a clear idea of what to expect when you transition to natural gas and how South Jersey Gas can help.

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Your Natural Gas Conversion Plan Is Developed In Expert Detail

At South Jersey Gas, we understand you need a comprehensive plan for incorporating CNG vehicles into your fleet that doesn’t leave out any details. That’s why we provide you with a Conversion Agent to guide you through the process. Your agent is an expert on the benefits and challenges of switching to natural gas. When you partner with us, you receive:

  • Dedicated customer service
  • A personal cell phone number
  • Assistance creating custom plans including fueling logistics, vehicle options and more

In addition to the service of our Conversion Agents, we provide you with Conversion GPS, a strategic plan for your transition. Your plan includes:

  • An evaluation of your fleet and business needs
  • ROI calculations
  • A timeline for conversion
  • Assistance with vehicle options and sourcing
  • Fueling logistics or help building your own compressed natural gas station

Throughout the transition process, you have regular check-ins with your Conversion Agent.


Natural Gas Stations Are Abundant In New Jersey

New Jersey has 13 public access natural gas stations, with 8 located in South Jersey and more on the way. Plus, there are 48 in the tri-state area. These stations provide rapid fueling for your fleet with a method known as fast-fill, similar to gasoline or diesel fueling. You may also choose to install your own facility on site. A private CNG station allows you to take advantage of a fueling method known as time-fill.

Time-fill natural gas stations are cost effective and enable you to fuel overnight – or whenever is convenient for your business – without taking extra time out of your drivers’ shifts. After connecting the fuel hose to their vehicle, your drivers simply allow the compressors to do the work. By the time your trucks need to be on the road the next morning, they will have a full tank of CNG.

You have the option to use various station configurations. We’re able to help you determine whether a public fast-fill station, a time-fill station built at your facility or a balance of both options makes the most sense for your fleet.


Choose Your Ideal Natural Gas Vehicle Procurement Plan

If you’re considering natural gas vehicles for your fleet, you have four ways to switch:

  • Buy vehicles directly from original equipment manufacturers like Peterbilt, Mack and others (recommended in most cases)
  • Lease vehicles from a rental company
  • Buy vehicles used for sale by an owner
  • Convert existing vehicles to run on CNG

For more information on finding the right vehicles for your fleet, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center.


At South Jersey Gas, we understand you have serious budget considerations when it comes to converting. Our Conversion Agents will guide you through the process to ensure your transition to natural gas is smooth and as obstacle-free as possible.

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Converting To Natural Gas For Vehicles:

4 Common Myths Disguised as Facts

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Transition with Expert Guidance

As you move through the conversion process, you need a reliable resource for questions that come up along the way, such as where to find natural gas stations or how to maximize your ROI. Rely on our Conversion Agents for dedicated customer service.

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Follow a Full Fleet Conversion Plan

You must think through many details when making the transition to natural gas. Our Conversion GPS aids in a smooth transition, starting with an evaluation of your fleet. We help you source vehicles and locate stations while providing information about building a station on your property.

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Test Drive your ROI Before You Switch

Before you make an investment in your fleet’s future, ensure it will pay off. Instead of taking our word for it, contact us for an ROI analysis to determine whether converting to natural gas is right for your fleet.


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